I am befuddled. Over the past months, most coastal communities in South Carolina have come out strongly against offshore drilling in our waters.

There is no question where most people stand, with discussions not only about the importance of preserving our fragile coastal environment but the negatives of seismic activity on a major earthquake fault.

Yet despite this overwhelming response, DHEC issues a permit to go ahead? And it does so without a public hearing as required?

Then I read this headline in the same paper (May 5), “$28.5 million apartment complex planned for Mount Pleasant.” This 269-unit, three- and four-story project is to be built off already traffic-clogged Rifle Range Road.

Wasn’t it only a few weeks ago that Mount Pleasant’s town council finally owned up to the fact that the hundreds who have crammed council meetings to voice opposition to similar negative-impact projects were right — that it was past time to seriously look at over-development and address ways to slow down?

Perhaps even to put a moratorium on building until ways could be found to harness the out-of-control growth rapidly destroying the town’s quality of life?

And where was the public hearing on this project? Maybe it happened on a day when traffic was so backed up nobody could get there. Perhaps the town figures it will just build another roundabout to “solve” the problem.

Or is it that the powers-that-be, state and local, figure they can just go ahead and do what they want, despite laws and the voice of the people? If so, they better think again. Politicians do get voted out. It’s time to shake, rattle and roll.

Suzannah S. Miles

Kathryn Street

Mount Pleasant