In response to a May 16 letter titled “Heed public response,” I would like to provide some accurate background information about the referenced mixed-use development known as Mount Pleasant Square.

Though the construction for this project is only just beginning, the project was originally approved by a prior Mount Pleasant Town Council back in April of 2007. In 2012, the project was modified and approved to reduce the total acreage and both the residential and commercial density of the project.

The letter writer’s suggestion that the current town council disregarded the law and the voice of the people by approving the project is not factual. Mount Pleasant Square is a vested project and therefore protected by the South Carolina Vested Rights Act.

The current council had nothing to do with the approval of this project, and to have intervened in the project moving forward would have been illegal.

Eric M. DeMoura

Town Administrator

Town of Mount Pleasant

Ann Edwards Lane

Mount Pleasant