“Faith is tested when death enters picture,” Norman Burkes’ Aug. 22 column, is meant to touch us all.

As he eloquently points out, dealing with the approaching death of a loved one is a painful process. Decisions we are asked to make can be excruciating, especially when we don’t know the expectations of our loved ones. Should he continue to receive life support, and if so, what measures should be provided? CPR? Feeding tubes? Is dying in the home preferable to in a hospital?

We at Bridges: End of Life Realities encourage family members to have related discussions and to seriously consider implementing a Health Care Power of Attorney or a Five Wishes document. For more information on local end-of-life resources, go to www.bridgessc.org.

Keith L. Riddle, M.Div.

President, Bridges Board of Directors

Bowman Road

Mount Pleasant