What a fascinating time it is to be an American, surrounded on all sides by divisive issues. My very first home, the Jasper (apartment 6-D) is at the center of local controversy. Together with ongoing issues with police-community relations, bicycle lanes and tour guide qualifications, we as Charlestonians are then exposed to statewide conflicts involving flags, alimony and disparities galore, from education to health care.

At the national level, at the top of these volcanic disturbances, we are approaching a state of anarchy.

The Greek root of this particular concept is “anarchia,” or “without a ruler.” The so-called do-nothing Congress, together with the Trumpettes and the dark forces of the anti-Cruz, have created “general disorder, an absence of government and the lack of guiding and uniting principles.”

America, from top to bottom is collapsing from within. Whither went the “one nation under God” is an inquiry better suited to political scientists and theologians.

But what is clear from wherever you sit, whatever race, religion or socio-economic class you subscribe to, the ultimate challenge for our country today is unification. No political party can unite us; politics is tearing us further apart.

And so even if my friend John Darby assuages us all with his new plans for the Jasper, even if the exact number of presidents who have visited Charleston is struck from the tour guide test, and the state tampon tax is sorted out, as a nation we are torn asunder. And that is nothing to laugh at.

Danny Crooks

Harbor Oaks Drive