Six Supreme Court justices, by upholding Obamacare, have demonstrated that they are just as corrupt as the other two branches of government in Washington.

They certainly did not judge the law on the legal issues, as the Supreme Court used to do. The court has become activist and motivated by individual political beliefs; this should not be so.

In the past, the court was respected because those on it were the best legal minds in the country. The two most recent additions to the court can’t possibly be the best this country has to offer as they were appointed as rubber stamps for the president’s policies, some of which are blatantly illegal.

But then Congress won’t oppose Obama either. The American people are still overwhelmingly against Obamacare and will become even more so as they continue to see their premiums and deductibles rise.

One of the reasons health care costs will continue to rise is that doctors and medical groups need more people to handle the paperwork required.

Congress is supposed to do the will of the people. Have they done anything meaningful to try to halt Obamacare?

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are a disgrace. They are good only for expelling hot air and denigrating those in their own party who are trying to do what is good for the country instead of what pleases lobbyists, the Chamber of Commerce and the president.

Finally, the president. How many times has he unilaterally changed parts of the health care law, something he has no legal right to do? How many of his executive actions or orders are not within his purview? If even the Supreme Court won’t say no, what hope is there for those citizens who still believe in the Constitution and the rule of law?

Bill Hausler

Out of Bounds Drive