A Sept. 9 editorial titled “Congress still ducking budget duty” could have been more accurately titled “Save for maybe two dozen, Congress needs to be replaced.”

The editor reminded us that yet another stopgap spending bill is due by Sept. 30. Where are the leaders? I don’t expect anything from the Dems, but where are the Republican “leaders” John Boehner and Mitch McConnell? I suspect they’re trying out Obama’s “lead from behind” thing. How’s that workin’?

It has been the very transparent tactic of the Dems to scream “government shutdown” when these budget challenges pop up. Of course, they point their fingers at the Republicans. And instead of informing the country of the reasons for the shutdown and explaining that only non-critical areas would be shut down, Republicans keep taking the hit. They have given new meaning to the word “patsy.”

Mr. Obama’s press secretary, Josh Earnest, decries the sequestered cuts, passed by Obama and a Democratic Senate in 2011, as “mindless austerity.” Well it was — and still is — mindless. The austerity part, with $18.2 trillion in debt is a bit absurd. But as weak as it was, it was better than nothing.

There was a glaring error when this sequestration was enacted. The primary job of the government is to defend the American people, our property and our Constitution. Yet our defense department budget was treated like all the other 14 cabinets and now our military leaders tell us we are in serious shape. We are — in very serious shape.

If our Congress is too corrupt, inept and self-absorbed to pass a responsible budget, at least make a badly needed funding change to provide us with a real military. As for the financial morass in which we find ourselves, we could begin by defunding at least eight unnecessary cabinets. I would begin with education.


Salt Wind Way

Mount Pleasant