Our city has faced yet another tragedy and once again our community has shown true heart and faith, as we have come together in an admirable way. Neighbors helping strangers while strangers were helping our community. I could not be more proud of our citizens.

It reminded me of those desperate days and weeks after Hurricane Hugo, when neighbors helped one another out of the goodness of their hearts. I want to give particular credit to the families of the victims by their acts and words of forgiveness in the face of such a horrific tragedy.

Thank you, Holy City, for allowing not only our community, but our state and country to mourn with you during your time of grief and sadness. And to the members of Mother Emanuel AME Church, a heartfelt thank you, for helping our community on a path to healing along with you.

I was honored to have served with the Rev. Clementa Pinckney. You could not find a more compassionate person who advocated for his beliefs and values while respectfully listening to the other side. I am blessed to have known him, and to have worked with him on so many issues.

I want to thank Mayor Joe Riley for his leadership and service — not only to the citizens of Charleston, but also to our state. I have the utmost respect for Mayor Riley, and I would ask him and his family to reconsider his retirement and run once more for mayor. We need him, our community needs him. I hope you will join me in encouraging Joe to run one more time.

Rep. Chip Limehouse

Charleston County District 10

Menotti Street