A May 26 article indicated that folks who got health insurance under Obamacare have now been exposed to the reality of deductibles and co-pays. According to Democrats this now makes them under-insured. Their solution is to throw more money at the problem.

Obamacare is an abomination, and the Republican reaction — repeal and replace — is just plain dumb. Just more of the same. Nothing either side proposes addresses the real problem, which is the cost of health care.

What the president should have done is lock up an appropriate group of folks with the charge to come up with a straw man to address health care costs within a month’s time. No politicians or lawyers, who are wont to say “can’t,” should be in the group.

Experts in various fields would be recruited to flesh out the plan. Insurance must be the final consideration because everything else drives insurance.

Part of the solution should be systems that permit folks to shop for health care. For example, reasonable and customary charges for all procedures, including office visits, should be available to the public, and providers should be required to disclose their prices.

Fraud is rampant. Possibly an “army” of young accountants and IT professionals should be established to identify crooks and the Justice Department must have the will to follow up.

I realize an enormous number of details would have to be addressed. However, it should be no more daunting than the voluminous Obamacare law that was passed so it could be read to find out the details.

Without a sensible plan to address them, health care costs will keep rising until an unpalatable solution is required.

E.D. George Jr.

Ventura Place

Mount Pleasant