With the quadrennial silly season upon us we can reasonably expect to see the usual outpouring of foolish ideas — fences to protect us from rapacious Canadians, FedEx barcodes for immigrants and the unceasing drumbeat for war.

Thus a proposal to institute a football program at the College of Charleston, while not high on the list of topics most frequently discussed in letters to the editor, certainly merits a place on the list of stupid ideas.

Forget, for the moment, the monumental cost of providing such a program at a time when the state Legislature is cutting back on education expenditures; forget the fallacious concept of the “student athlete” and the degradation that it brings to the purpose of the university. Focus instead on the damage done to the athletes themselves — broken bodies providing employment to “sports medicine” emporia, and broken minds, the product of the violence that the game produces.

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to play football.


Fairbanks Oak Aly