The words of Shakespeare, “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive,” seem appropriate as the Hillary Clinton email scandal unfolds.

As the very first revelation about the private server emerged, the deceit began. It has become so entangled it is difficult to sort out.

The first deceit is that the private server was for “convenience.”

Convenience is not a luxury Hillary can have when it is first of all illegal and, second, essentially “convenient for me.”

We are not talking about email between friends, but confidential and top secret information being sent to the highest level personnel and potentially affecting the security of each individual in the United States of America. The web is becoming more and more tangled as Hillary’s defenders try to weave her words to fit the new revelations that emerge.

The backtracking and covering up for her indiscretions is embarrassing and disheartening to watch.

If the FBI does not indict Hillary, which is a distinct possibility, it will be up to voters to determine her guilt or innocence. In that case, God help us all. And that is a prayer.

June Decker

Sanderson Lane