I walk from the Hagood parking lot to MUSC for work every day. I don’t go right up Hagood Avenue, which would be a shorter route; instead, I veer off and walk through landscaped areas of the hotel nearby, through the back of the Harborview parking lot and then over Spring Street, which is always an adventure.

Recently I headed for Hagood Avenue. There was a lovely egret standing in the marsh to my left before I turned right onto Hagood.

Then I remembered why I take the “scenic route.” A ruptured bag of garbage lay in my path. I avoided it by stepping a bit into the road. More garbage lined the dirt path between the marsh and the roadway. The debris was so thick I had to walk in the road. Still, the marsh was pretty, except for the dresser, complete with drawers lying in the marsh.

I’m a hypocrite. I take the long way around, not for the exercise, but rather to avoid the trash. I don’t want to think about trash first thing in the morning. I’d rather think about that serene egret.

Is there a city or county organization that cleans up garbage? We could pay taxes to fund it. I think it’s a great idea.

They could start on Hagood Avenue, a road that leads to our premier military college. Of course we could start a volunteer group to clean up, too. It just seems to me that the idea of a governmental agency would fly.

Gretchen S. Robinson

Wildlife Road

Wadmalaw Island