I want to thank a lady I don’t know, but I see on Antler Drive just about every weekend with a big black garbage bag picking up litter. I thought I was the only one who would do this. We need more people like this unselfish lady who takes her time and picks up other people’s trash.

I am frustrated with the leaders of this state. I have called and emailed everyone I can think of about the litter problem, and no one has a good response. They just refer me to someone else.

Our state was picked as the trashiest state in the nation in 2014. I have to agree. We need a better way of picking up litter on the roadsides. This problem, along with the condition of our roads, has gotten out of hand.

Someone at the Department of Transportation said prisoners are no longer used to pick up litter. Our state gets almost $20 billion from tourists. Why can’t we use some of this money to make our state more attractive? First impressions do count.

Other states do a much better job with their roads and litter. Go to Virginia, North Carolina or Florida, the roadsides are kept much cleaner, and the roads are in much better shape. We should be able to do better. If we don’t, people will stop coming here.

I recently took some out-of-town visitors down Highway 61. All we saw was lots of litter and a road full of potholes. They were appalled.

Let’s clean up our state.

John Miller

Antler Drive