The Dixie Land Guide Dog Convention was recently in town. As a volunteer I had the privilege of transporting sight-impaired people from all over the country to their hotel in West Ashley. This experience has given me a greater awareness of the difficulties they encounter every day.

After picking up two guests and their guide dogs from the Amtrak station, I want to share my observations.

I give the Amtrak employees an A-plus for their assistance both on and off the train coming from Florida. However, the facilities at the train station I give a grade of F. The station is not handicap friendly, and it lacks some basic commonsense approaches that at a minimum would make it more accessible to all.

Amtrak continues to operate a train station that barely meets the minimum standards of what one would naturally expect in accommodating our disabled citizens.

When you enter or leave the train station, there is no handicap ramp. To compound the problem, it takes two steps up or down to enter or leave the front door from the parking or drop-off areas. The top step is not your normal height and can be a big drop for anyone with navigation challenges.

The small sign designating Zone Three is no longer hanging from the platform’s roof. That should be an easy fix. Who is in charge? Fix it.

It is my hope that one or more elected officials will stop by the train station and make the same observations that I made.

Garry Garrison

Pennsylvania Drive

North Charleston