Is there a place for manmade politics in a house of God?

Is it time The Citadel perform an act of civil disobedience in its quest for a safe, unbiased, moral environment for its cadets, alumni and visitors?

I propose three options for The Citadel’s house of God, Summerall Chapel:

1) In an act of civil disobedience, take the representative flag of the separatist Confederacy down.

2) Take every flag down from inside the chapel.

3) Invite every state governor to vote on whether to fly its state flag in, or remove it from, the same house of God as long as South Carolina mandates a flag, historically representative of union separatism, to be flown.

Let the Heritage Act stand up to its own scrutiny. Invite every national and global press agency to witness SLED, under state legislative or executive order, hoisting the removed Confederate flag to enforce the Heritage Act and squelching a leadership act of disobedience — an act, unanimously voted upon by the Board of Visitors, the leaders of The Citadel.

Drastic change sometimes requires drastic action. Civil disobedience is a right protected by our Constitution. Doing what is right is not always legal. Doing what is legal is not always right. In a house of God, whose rule is supreme?

Paul Flaherty

Citadel Class of 1974

Atlantic Avenue

Sullivan’s Island