A Feb. 12 letter to the editor, undoubtedly authored by a member of the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina, decries the litigation between that diocese and the national Episcopal Church, to which I belong.

Though the litigation is unfortunate, I know of no more effective way to resolve its complex and serious issues more civilly than through the courts.

More importantly, the writer’s view that he and his group alone are “faithful to the word of God” and that I and all the other members of the national church “have strayed” is, in my humble view, self-righteous, uninformed, insulting and downright un-Christian.

Although the writer has trespassed against us, my brother and sister church members, I forgive him just as, in his faithfulness, he asks daily, for God’s forgiveness.

May peace, love and acceptance be with him.

Maynard Klein

Island Park Drive

Daniel Island