On Monday, April 18 at 9 a.m., the Legislature is scheduled to appoint four members to the Public Service Commission.

The four who are now seated in these positions need to be removed. Please contact your legislators and let them know how you feel.

The Public Service Commission is supposed to make sure utility companies do not take advantage of the public, but that has not been happening. All seven seated commissioners have unanimously granted every rate increase SCE&G/SCANA has asked for since 2008 when the two nuclear plants in Jenkinsville were first proposed. Despite public objections and written proof, the Public Service Commissioners chose to ignore all but the utility company.

These two plants should be paid for by investors or a bank, not the customers of the utility. The customers are paying for this investment without being paid back or given any interest for their investment.

The Public Service Commission is not listening to the public. We pay these commissioners an annual salary of $171,683 each, plus more for each meeting they attend.

We need to replace all seven people who are not living up to their mission statement, beginning with the four whose terms have expired. We need people who are willing to accept their mission and listen fairly to the public.

Sandra Wright

N. Stonehedge Drive