Republican Sen. Bob Corker has determined he can muster enough votes to derail the president’s current negotiations with Iran that would give us 15 years of breathing room in regard to Iran’s nuclear bomb development.

I’ve lived long enough to see our politicians spend the lives of our youth on numerous unnecessary regional wars which diplomacy could have averted.

Those who chose war over diplomacy and possible peace mostly did not send their children into battle nor go themselves and felt safe within the boundaries of our shores. Hopefully, this next congressional fiasco will not mark the time it drags us into an uncontrollable world war.

If there is no peaceful resolution of the problems we have participated in and to some degree caused in the Middle East, it’s possible those who are willing to ignore diplomacy and risk more war will cause something that could very well directly touch our shores.

People who think there is no price to pay except sending young Americans to kill and die for them should not be so confident and comfortable that they can ignore the chance of peace.

John Childs

Amy Drive

Goose Creek