The frustration of Yeadon Avenue residents regarding a zoning decision is understandable. (See article by Robert Behre, June 14 .) Ms. Manuel is quoted as hoping that the city will “… help us maintain the integrity of the neighborhood and the spirit of the laws that protect us.”

Don’t look for the city’s zoning department to be concerned with the “spirit of the law” or the intent of the residential zoning ordinances. At least where I live, in Wagener Terrace, zoning ordinances clearly intended to protect established residential neighborhoods are skirted by the zoning office, apparently to accommodate developers or to increase the tax base.

“Intent” and “spirit of the law” have long been abandoned concerning our residential ordinances. It is time, under new leadership, for the city to revise its entire body of zoning ordinances to give citizens of Charleston at least a fighting chance to protect their neighborhoods

Hugh Jeffers

Pendleton Street