Recently and with extraordinary momentum, the Confederate battle flag was removed from the South Carolina Statehouse grounds. If our state government can take action that quickly to pass a law, I would like to suggest that it should consider addressing and taking action on three other issues that seem to be well past review:

1) Ban all fireworks in residential areas. Each year, pet owners, families with babies or sleeping children, senior citizens and military veterans who have experienced extreme combat dread the approach of the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Each year, these residential fireworks seem to grow in both strength and racket. In my neighborhood this past 4th, some were set off that matched the noise and power of a Saturn-5 launch from NASA’s Cape Canaveral.

2) Enforce laws against speeding in school zones. In most countries around the world and in several states in our country, law enforcement uses cameras to enforce speeding laws.

Anyone who pays any attention to other drivers at school zones in our area realizes that over 90 percent of drivers barely slow down in school zones, let alone reduce their speed to the posted limit.

I believe that if S.C. law enforcement were to use speed cameras in school zones and change the first offense speeding fine to $1,000 there would be enough revenue generated to provide some overdue tax relief, hire additional police officers or get some really cool police cars.

3) Auto and truck turn signal indicators. Have a professional TV commercial business create a statewide safety video explaining what that little stick on the left side of the steering column is for and when to use it.

I have traveled by automobile all over the United States and also in a number of foreign countries, and I believe that we in South Carolina either do not know or have totally forgotten why we have turn signals in our vehicles.

Jim George

U.S. Navy (Retired)

Mulberry Hill