On Sunday, Feb. 22, we will celebrate George Washington’s birthday.

This is the time of year I keep remembering what this man did for this wonderful country.

For 20 years he guided this country the way a father cares for a growing child. He commanded the Continental Army that won us independence.

He served as president of the convention that wrote the Constitution of the United States. As we all know he was elected president of this country. This shows how much the people loved him.

I remember my eighth birthday back in 1930. Washington’s birthday and mine are a day apart, so my mother had little cherry trees and hatchets cut out of red and green paper for children. My mother passed away the same year.

The novel “Lady Washington” by Dorothy Wilson covers Washington’s life in detail not found in history books. It’s worth reading.

Let all of us be thankful and celebrate this great man’s birthday.

William J. Wood

Thompson Avenue

Sullivan’s Island