The Charleston County School District has a new superintendent. The bell has rung; let the classes begin. Though the school board’s process of hiring was less than transparent and perhaps misguided, as well as a direct and serious affront to several board members, it is time to move on with the business of education.

As I see it, the only other options are prolonged involvement in contentious litigation or undermining support of the new superintendent, consequently causing harm to our students.

Moreover, it is finally time for each Charleston School Board member to act as a responsible adult, to be prepared for meetings, to discuss issues in a courteous, collegial, informed and nonpartisan manner as they make critical decisions for the good of the entire district.

I recently reviewed a fact sheet for the 2014-2015 school year and was astonished to learn that out of the total student population of 48,700 students in Charleston County, 23,325 students were on free and reduced lunches.

That is a fact that I hope our board members, city and county officials and local business owners and organizations will take to heart.

Until Charleston somehow gets out of this economic slump of high unemployment and low wages, many of these kids, and perhaps more, will be requiring free lunches for a long time.

Freida F. McDuffie

Harbor Oaks Drive