I got home at 5:30 p.m. on June 11. My doctor’s appointment lasted until 2 p.m. I walked to the bus stop on Magwood Drive to wait.

The schedule, while unclear, showed a pick-up on Magwood at 2:17 p.m. After waiting an hour, someone at one of the businesses along the road hollered at me that the bus no longer took that route and I must go to Charlie Hall Boulevard and the other side of the street.

I hiked over and waited almost an hour. When the bus came, the driver was surprised the signs were still on the “old” route.

I am 66 years old, have two artificial knees, chronic bronchitis, very fair skin and high blood pressure.

My left leg was burning, both legs were swollen, ankles were the size of cantaloupes and I had severe sunburn, even wearing a hat. I had finished my water (36 ounces) and was feeling somewhat dehydrated.

I took the bus because I did not have the $20 one-way taxi fare.

I will not do this again.

I grew up riding the bus here. When SCE&G ran the bus system, it may have lost money but we had a good system that covered the city. Now no one serves the downtown area.

I cannot get to East Bay Street, and at the slightest hint of high tide the trolleys stop. The larger buses were able to navigate better.

If the misleading bus stop signs are not removed in a timely fashion, I’m considering finding a like-minded person who has a car, buying some paint and blanking out these signs.

Three and one-half hours to go from Charlie Hall Boulevard to Cannon and Coming streets is a disgrace. But then, who cares about the poor who are dependent on this bus system? No one.

I do not see suits and ties and dressy work clothes on the bus. We are blue collar or no collar. I dare everyone who works with CARTA to ride to work for a month — a week would suffice.

Every route, every bus.

Try it. I dare you.

C.T. Leland

Coming Street