The Post and Courier has printed many articles concerning a small strip of land on Kiawah Island named Capt. Sam’s Spit. Today, it is designated as a critical habitat area and, according to the Coastal Conservation League, provides critical habitat for many nesting and roosting birds, some among our most threatened or endangered.

Loggerhead sea turtles nest here, too, and bottlenose dolphins strand-feed along part of the Kiawah River shoreline, a spectacular fishing technique which takes place in few places in the world.

Development of this area has appropriately received opposition from every local environmental group. I was under the assumption this issue was closed because the S.C. Supreme Court had previously ruled against development. Sadly, that’s not the case.

Developers want to build multimillion-dollar homes on the spit, putting in a sea wall on the creek side, building a community dock and cutting a road though the park and critical habitat area.

My family and I often drive to Beachwalker County Park and spend a pleasant day walking Capt. Sam’s Spit.

Located between Kiawah and Seabrook resorts, CSS is one of the very few areas with public access that remains relatively untouched. This pristine, quiet beach always offers an abundance of birds that form graceful singing clouds when they take flight.

If developers are allowed to move forward, this critical habitat will be destroyed. Public access will be removed, and only a privileged few will have access to whatever is left of one of South Carolina’s jewels.

These beaches are increasingly rare. Capitalism views undeveloped land as worthless, but as South Carolinians, we work hard to change that paradigm.

Our state government has recognized our priorities in the form of some of the finest, best-managed parks in the country.

Unfortunately, developers do not share this view. Perhaps more to the point, developers seek to limit the “view” to those who can afford to pay for it, very likely destroying a pristine place and its ecosystem in the process.

Paul Foster

Horncastle Place

Goose Creek