Polls indicate that Americans are worried about the economy, immigration and national security. One aspect of national security has been largely ignored this election cycle is energy policy. Energy policy closely relates to national security, the economy and jobs, and is too important to be given short shrift.

The United States today is entirely too reliant on foreign oil, and candidates should be articulating exactly how they intend to wean our country off its foreign energy dependence.

We have been sending billions of dollars overseas each year for decades for foreign energy. To protect this foreign supply of oil, which is owned by countries that do not necessarily have America’s best interests in mind, we have repeatedly sent our nation’s sons and daughters to war. American money and lives have been lost to reward and protect the interests of oil-rich nations in the Middle East. Our relationship with these nations brings with it serious national security threats.

The United States is blessed with natural resources, innovative technologies and human capabilities to establish an energy policy for the 21st century. What is lacking, however, is the right leadership in Washington.

When you listen to presidential candidates talk about foreign policy, national security or jobs, ask yourself what they are proposing in terms of America’s energy independence. If a candidate is not focused on developing America’s natural and energy resources, that candidate is not the right person for the job. It really is that simple.


Rear Adm., U.S. Navy (Ret.)

Broad Street