Donald Trump has a few things right. The United States runs a trade deficit of $500 billion every year. Any high school dropout could have figured out that this is bad for the country, especially when a family member loses his job to Chinese or Mexican competition.

Cheap foreign goods are only as good as your job safety. And NATO, God bless our cheap European friends, gets 72 percent of its support from the United States. And the media don’t mention the cost of defending Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia.

These people need to pony up for their defense from authoritarian regimes in Russia and China.

If a buffoon like Donald Trump can figure these things out, what does it say about our economists, MBAs and lawyers from Ivy League schools? What it says is that they are not stupid, but just serving the business interests of the wealthy, and backed by the World Trade Organization.

In my youth they would have called it a “communist plot.” Today, it is more correctly called a “capitalist plot.”

William A. Johnson

Serotina Court

Mount Pleasant