The problem with much reporting these days is its shock value and often simplicity.

What is different about building walls instead of bridges? A Christian is someone who is striving to live as Jesus Christ in John 15:17 tells us — “I am giving you these commands so that you may love one another.” We Christians are works in process and flawed: We rationalize, we are selfish, we fear, we hate.

We need religious leaders to remind us of Jesus’ words so we can keep trying to love one another in a world where “I’ve got mine and the heck with everyone else” is a value many of us live by.

We or our ancestors were all immigrants to this country at some point. We were not all given the same intellect, health, family support or financial means. Some of us struggle more than others to survive.

People who are struggling to survive in countries without opportunities or those at war, killing their own citizens, are our brothers in Christ whom we are called to love.

Pope Francis was reminding us of this. That is the Christian message, and it cannot be altered. It is what Christians should be striving toward.

Joanne L. Cobb

Turtle Bay Court