I would like to know why some people are so opposed to the new cruise terminal. I was not born in Charleston, but I have lived here since 1976 and have been on 27 cruises leaving from Charleston, New York, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa, Seattle and most of the ports of call in the Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico and Alaska.

Out of all those ports I have never seen anyone protesting or creating such a fuss as in Charleston.

Building a terminal will beautify the area with a parking garage and landscaping, and it should also cut down on traffic.

I have seen the good things that cruise companies have done to the economy in ports such as in Costa Maya, Mexico. The old pier was falling down, so Carnival Cruise Lines built, with its own money, a new pier and gave a lot of people work and self-respect.

So, protesters, get off your buckets and look at the whole picture, not just your view. Let it get built. You are probably going to lose anyway as job incomes and construction spending will be astronomical in respect to your constant delays.

Raymond Nuss

Lilac Drive