It is time for this community to revive the method of punishment the Pilgrims used by placing miscreants in stocks.

It is a combination of public humiliation by day and prison cell by night for a prescribed number of days.

The daytime punishment for the convicted person is confinement in a public square (Marion Square comes to mind) in a wooden stock. The person is seated with arms extended through holes locked by a chain. The details of the crime, sentence, etc., are posted. The general public is allowed to visit and speak their minds to the convicts.

This seems to me particularly useful when the act was egregious, as in the recent case of a man taping a dog’s mouth shut. It would also be appropriate in this case to have that man’s mouth taped shut so he’d be unable to respond.

In this day of rampant political correctness I know I’m just daydreaming, but “Oh, wouldn’t it be loverly?”

Lynn Norrington

Elissa Drive