I read Bo Peterson’s April 13 article on the Bridge View pond with sadness. I hope that this reconstruction project is not as reckless as it looks and that as I watch the destruction of an animal habitat firsthand, the reconstruction will be as thoughtful and considerate as its maintenance was quick.

I understand these ponds need to be cleaned out periodically. I also appreciate the aim to make the pond a “show piece” for developers and a place for inmates to visit family during visits. These are good intents; however, I am sure these goals can be achieved while maintaining a place for the birds and animals that found a new habitat.

I work at a business located off Corporate Road. The pond is a place I care about and want to flourish. I was shocked recently to see the dramatic dredging already under way. Two days later, a sign with improvement plans was posted.

This is the classic lack of communication I might expect from a commercial developer trying to start an unpopular construction project under the radar, not something I expect from a county council that holds an annual Earth Day festival and claims to want a more beautiful North Charleston.

Recently I saw birds clinging to the last drippings of water from the pond taken from them. It was truly a horrific sight.

I urge people concerned about North Charleston and development oversight in general to contact Charleston County Council members and urge them to do all they can to protect the pond.

T.J. Holwegner

Blaze Lane

James Island