The 39th annual Cooper River Bridge Run is in the books and what an event it was. A hearty pat on the back to those who make this race such a world-class event. The staff and 3,000 volunteers, 2,500 law enforcement and security personnel managed to help some 36,000 participants have a lovely experience in the best town in America.

This year marked another first, with two paraplegic participants completing the race upright and walking, due to incredible medical technology.

I would also like to thank the residents of Mount Pleasant and Charleston for putting up with traffic delays and crowds associated with this massive undertaking. I know they cause delays in commutes and changes of schedules, but we are a city of friendship, and everyone I saw was understanding.

When Marc Newberry and I concocted this beast in 1978, we never dreamed how much happiness and joy it would bring strangers and friends.

The race pumps about $35 million into our economy and in our 39 events, over one million people have participated. I shook hands and hugged sweaty runners and walkers all morning. I just wish I could have congratulated every one of the 36,000.

Terry Hamlin

Founder, The Charleston Running Club, Co-Founder, The Cooper River Bridge Run

United Drive