The March 26 article on the Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission (CCPRC) budget request details important upgrades to existing facilities like the Folly Beach pier, but also includes much needed playground and sports facilities for our youth.

Edisto Island, one of the underserved areas within Charleston County, has an urgent need for youth recreation facilities, which are included in the CCPRC budget request. Jane Edwards Elementary, the area’s only public school, has the only usable outdoor recreation facility, consisting of a playground, baseball field and basketball court, all of which are in serious need of upgrades. Edisto Island is approximately 20 miles from the nearest suitable basketball, baseball and football field at Schroeder Middle School in Hollywood. Transportation to and from this facility is not readily available.

The CCPRC plan would address this issue, and also build pools in rural areas with swimming instruction to help reduce youth water accidents. CCPRC is applauded for this important initiative, and County Council is encouraged to give its support, which will provide sports and recreation opportunities for our youth.


Claussen House Drive

Edisto Island