It has come to my attention that our veterans are being given a dangerous ultimatum in regard to their health care. All American citizens should rise up in support of our veterans who are now poised to lose all of their VA medical benefits if they do not agree to take all 17 of the designated immunizations as per Senate bill S.1203.

The bill, titled the 21st Century Veterans Benefits Delivery Act, was written and introduced by Nevada Sen. Dean Heller. This bill has been passed by the Senate and is outrageous as well as out- right medically dangerous.

I wrote to Sen. Heller and asked what possible reason he could have to write such an addition to a bill if not to deny our veterans the care we promised them.

I petition all readers to please write your senators and congressmen and tell them to reverse their decision and oppose the bill.

Allan Lieberman, M.D.

Northforest Drive

North Charleston