I found your “Put bike plan in the fast lane” editorial of March 27 to be ridiculous. I’m an avid urban cyclist and must say that Charleston has to be one of the best cities in the country to be a bike rider. It’s flat. People drive slowly in town either due to traffic or looking at the beautiful buildings. One can ride from downtown to the beach in under an hour.

There are multiple north-south and east-west routes so that cyclists can choose the amount of traffic they are comfortable with. I choose the lightly trafficked ones.

I understand that it is difficult to get from West Ashley or James Island to downtown on a bike, but there must be a way to accommodate the few without inconveniencing the many as the Legare Bridge plan will do.

The elephant in the room is that all this talk about “making the city more bike-friendly” is really a “white thing.”

For many of my neighbors on the East Side, putting that money you want us to spend on bike enhancements into making CARTA bus service more frequent and more reliable would be the best mobility and livability investment we could make.


Nassau Street