As a resident of Johns Island, I battle traffic daily both leaving and coming onto the island. My morning commute includes River Road traffic lining up to turn onto Maybank Highway, the back-up on Maybank to turn left on Folly Road, and now, a back-up on Folly Road at South Windermere due to the most ludicrous idea this city has ever considered.

I have no idea who researched this plan and came up with its “minimal” impact on traffic, but they are clearly not from this area. Seven seconds difference? Are you kidding me? My commute on three days last week increased by at least 15 minutes with multiple stand-stills from the Wappoo Cut bridge through South Windermere.

It’s another merge that causes a bottleneck, and all it does is cause road rage and anxiety for drivers. Reports indicate that someone is observing traffic patterns from the round Holiday Inn. Well, you can’t observe Folly Road, Maybank Highway or all of Savannah Highway from the round Holiday Inn. Granted, once you get onto the bridge, traffic seems to move just fine, but the major arteries that feed onto the bridge are in peril.

Stop causing worse traffic by taking away roads. Improve the road system. Consider the majority, not the very small minority. And stop this madness. Get those orange barrels out of there, and let us have the last little bit of road that can actually handle the traffic.

Molly McFadden

Rearick Road

Johns Island