I couldn’t agree more with the April 14 letter “Bike lane madness.” The daily frustration of commuting across Johns and James islands to downtown Charleston on what’s become the Maybank Highway parking lot in and of itself is maddening. But to compound it by gridlock beginning at the Maybank-Folly Road intersection is ridiculous.

If you are fortunate enough to turn left onto Folly Road from Maybank without waiting for an additional traffic light change, traffic comes to a halt on the Wappoo Cut bridge. This is due to a series of traffic lights in South Windermere, a congested middle lane for people bearing left from Folly Road onto Wesley Drive, and the right lane blocked as traffic attempts to merge into the single left lane of Folly Road near the foot of the Ashley River bridge. True, once on the bridge, traffic moves as well as possible for the additional 7 seconds the lane closure would purportedly add, but getting there is treacherous.

I invite the city’s leadership to join me and thousands of other morning commuters to experience the traffic fiasco they are creating.

B.M. Elliott

Long Creek Road