A Feb. 14 Post and Courier editorial asks readers to open their minds on the topic of converting one lane of the Legare bridge into a bicycle-pedestrian-only lane. The editorial tells us this will enable thousands of commuters to bike or walk to work every day. It would mean significantly fewer cars on the roads and would “increase travel times by only a few seconds.”

The editors are mistaken to believe it is closed minds that create resistance to this bizarre project. The resistance comes from the stunning air of unreality that surrounds it. It is utterly unbelievable in every aspect.

Charleston is no longer the sleepy harbor town of the past. Charleston has become a dynamic, rapidly growing, coastal city, with all the crowding and traffic congestion that comes with that, and the many blessings and promise of a bright future as well.

The Post and Courier’s incessant drum beating for bicycle commuters is a departure from common sense. Our premier newspaper should turn itself to finding and supporting well thought-out modern policies and effective improvements in all aspects of our city.

Terry W. Ryan

Captiva Row