After reading the April 7 editorial and then Brian Hicks’ April 10 column about the West Ashley Piggly Wiggly, I feel that I must reply — not as the average citizen but as a businessperson who has been on this corner for over 38 years.

If the records were checked, we would find that the majority of accidents happen at Highway 171 and Northbridge Drive.

The city planted trees on this median that obscure drivers’ vision. They need to be replaced with smaller plants that would enable drivers to see the merging traffic.

Another idea would be to install a traffic signal for cars traveling from Highway 171 onto Highway 7 to sync with the traffic signal already in place for traffic merging onto Highway 171 from Highway 7. This would allow safe travel in both directions and be cost-effective. It also would be less intrusive to neighbors than construction.

At the intersection of Orange Grove Road and Highway 7 a solid median was added on Highway 7 following a fatal accident. A flat median would allow traffic a safe place to wait before merging with other traffic.

Yes, the city has ignored West Ashley for years, all the while collecting taxes to be spent elsewhere and using our area for low-income housing.

There are options that don’t cost a fortune with minimal interference to our neck of the woods.

I would love to talk with the powers that be concerning the issues at hand.

Benny Michael

Sam Rittenberg Boulevard