I was shocked to read that the interim superintendent of the Berkeley County schools got not only a $5,000 per month pay raise but also a vehicle allowance of $850 a month. It’s amazing that with just these two perks, he makes more than most of the working class here in Berkeley County.

Throwing money and hoping to attract the right candidate isn’t the solution. Imagine if you will, that instead of paying headhunters to go and find a replacement, that they instead studied what other districts have done to get quality employees.

I guess when it’s not your money, it’s easier to spend without any remorse.

Let’s look across the country and see if by spending more money, other school districts actually get what they paid for. Or is it like watching one of those late night infomercials and you see a “good product” and buy it only to find upon arrival that it’s junk and you can’t return it for a full refund?

Now, please excuse me so that I can get back to work so that my taxes can be wasted on some of those “infomercials” that board members see as just right for the county.

Nat Hopper

Kingsbridge Drive

Goose Creek