A Feb. 1 editorial supports the restoration of the Bennett Rice Mill located off Concord Street — a waste of money. What is reported as a 50-plus year effort to save the extraordinary example of industrial architecture is still ongoing.

It’s not even a building — it’s a wall made of bricks. It’s not the Acropolis in Athens, the pyramids in Egypt, or the Alamo in Texas. Those are true examples of brick architecture and worthy of both visits and money to promote and maintain.

Of the 7 billion or so humans on Earth, I would venture to guess that no more than two or three would actually book a trip to the Holy City to view a standing pile of bricks.

Of real concern, and in the same Sunday paper, was a story revealing that 150 of the 709 tri-county homicides since 2001 have not been solved.

Maybe spending more money in support of local law enforcement by increasing the number of homicide detectives would help close the 21 percent of unsolved murders in our area.

If we want to be safe, we need to spend the money to fill the “bricked” walls of our jails and prisons with the 150 murderers who continue to walk our streets.

Jim George

Mulberry Hill