Brian Hicks’ March 18 column about the Tent City really touched me. I feel like a rich woman — not moneywise, but blessed to have a roof over my head, food to eat and a bed with a mattress and blankets.

Unfortunately, three times in my 78 years I was homeless, cold, hungry and scared. I felt degraded.

Instead of complaining about Tent City, let us do something. Downgrading our sisters and brothers and their children is wrong.

We should try living without water, in a tent, without heat or bathroom facilities. See how it feels.

Since our economy’s downfall, we have whole families, some with small children, who are homeless.

Do not judge them. Do something to make it a little easier for them.

Have an uplifting conversation. Make them a home-cooked meal. Bring blankets. See how happy you can make them.

We in the Lowcountry should know they are citizens, just like you and me. Be thankful that you can rest in comfort and can eat and that you have more than the homeless. Help out so they can smile again.

Diny Adkins

Bowman Road

Mount Pleasant