The proposed taxi fare increases need to be carefully considered. We know of all the attractions that make Charleston a No. 1 tourist destination. Yet all this depends upon low-income hospitality and restaurant workers who can no longer afford to live on the peninsula. Those in leadership need to think of a way in which tourists and partiers can help pay to keep our taxi industry going.

I would suspect that no tourists would complain about taxi rates going up $5 to $7, or even $8 during their brief stay in Charleston, but for the workers who have to travel late at night and who have to depend upon taxis, it would be a major economic issue.

My thoughts might be for Charleston area residents to have some type of discount card or even have certain designated taxis to call to have those services at reduced rates.

We need to give this some serious thought as hotel and restaurant personnel make Charleston the attractive tourist destination that it is.

Theodore M. Cozart

Northaven Drive

North Charleston