Basketball blues

Basketball has drastically changed in the last 40 years. The majority of basketball fans in my age group (60-somethings) get frustrated over the inconsistency in the officiating. Three-second and walking calls are almost non-existent. It has become a much more physical game. Charging and blocking fouls are a toss-up call.

A big man can post up a smaller defensive man and just hook around him or back over him on his way to the basket. Either enforce the rule, or do away with it. The players are taller now, especially at the college and professional levels. Watching a 7-footer dunk just isn’t exciting. Their feet barely have to leave the floor.

I would like to see the following changes at the college and professional levels:

1) Either do away with the three-second rule or put chips in the players’ shoes that automatically call three seconds.

2) Call walking. It happens constantly.

3) Make a dunk worth one point or raise the rim to 11 feet for the college and professional levels.

4) Make college players stay in college for four years and not opt for the NBA before that. Most students can’t relate to the players because they don’t feel like real students when they’re only there until they get an NBA bid.

The majority of the NBA players are not what you want your children to look up to. I think of Bill Russell, Charles Barkley, Jerry West, Larry Bird and Tim Duncan as players who could be considered role models.

Unfortunately, many younger players don’t come close to the character that these former athletes exhibit.

Charlie E. Ledford

North Edgewater Drive