The Isle of Palms needs our support in banning plastic bags in retail check-out counters. This issue goes much further than the Isle of Palms. In 2014 California banned plastic bags throughout the whole state.

A quote from an editorial in The Post and Courier tells us, “Plastic waste in Lowcountry waterways breaks down into small particles and releases harmful chemicals that threaten animals at every level of the food chain, including humans.”

There are more than 100 cities in America that have banned plastic bags. There has been a global shift against them.

We can certainly ban plastic bags in Charleston. Maybe we could start with banning them in grocery stores and then move on to ban them totally. When you read and grasp the statistics it’s hard not to want to get rid of all of them.

Yes, they serve a purpose and we love using them but at what cost to the environment and wildlife?

It’s not too late to become used to cloth bags. When I first started using them I would put several on the front seat and forget to take them into the grocery store. It takes some discipline and practice.

Cloth bags are available everywhere, especially in grocery stores. Let’s be accountable and be proud of our efforts. We complain about politics all the time and then say: There’s nothing I can do about it. Well, there is something we can do about this. We can use cloth bags. It’s a no-brainer.

Vista Anne Grayson

Bishop Gadsden Way