I think that this community would agree that Charleston’s growth in terms of tourism and in terms of people wanting to come live and work here has been attributed to the vision of Mayor Joseph P. Riley over the past 40 years. Part of developing a vision is choosing the right team.

In 1999 Mayor Riley selected Tim Keane as the city’s director of Planning, Preservation and Sustainability. He has been a committed and highly professional public servant. Through his leadership, our city is prepared to move forward for our future growth to ensure that all of us can enjoy and partake of this city that so many people around the nation and around the world want to be a part.

I have had an opportunity, as a City Council member for the past year and five months to work directly with Tim Keane. He has helped me understand all the issues concerning the growth of our city, especially West Ashley.

He has been thorough in his explanations of why we do what we do in terms of connectivity in our communities, mobility, as well as bike paths and future ways not only to grow our city but to ensure that growth occurs in a balanced manner.

I am delighted that Mayor Reed of Atlanta has hired Tim Keane. He is the right man at the right time for the future of the Atlanta. I am hoping that the individual we choose as his replacement will have some of the attributes that Tim Keane possesses. He has been a tremendous public servant to Charleston.

Rodney Williams

City Council Member

District 2

Wayah Drive