I read the April 2 letter titled “Mandatory voting.” It would be great for individual American voters and for this nation if somehow we could follow the author’s two suggestions.

First, he suggests repealing the 2010 Citizens United decision whereby “individual billionaires, large corporations and special interest groups can provide overwhelming monies to influence their self-serving interests.”

Second, he suggests implementing congressional term limits which “would significantly weaken the ‘bought’ influence now common in Congress.” I agree with him; I just don’t know how we can make this happen since the senators and representatives most affected are the same ones who have the power to enact the changes.

I hear that all I have to do is express my opinion by casting my vote in favor of such measures if and when they appear on a ballot. Does anyone know if we can take a poll of each one of our congresspersons and request (demand?) they go on record and give us an up-or-down indication as to their standing on these issues?

Their answers might give us a guide as to how to vote the next time they come up for election, or re-election.


Fort Johnson Road