Shutting down a lane of the Ashley River Bridge for a bike lane is a bad plan pushed onto thousands and thousands of commuters by a couple of hundred folks. A news report claimed that closing a lane “would calm traffic,” and a Feb. 14 editorial claimed that traffic would be worse until people “figure out how to adjust their routes.”

Calming traffic — that’s a good one. When they open the Wappoo Cut bridge every 30 minutes on weekends, that calms traffic all over James Island. And how do you adjust your route over the Ashley River Bridge? It’s a river. What’s an alternative way of crossing a river? Both of these claims are complete nonsense.

What about the quality of life of the folks who live in the neighborhoods off Folly Road and Savannah Highway? We deal with constant traffic when trying to exit onto these overburdened roads in the mornings and afternoons. This will just back up traffic more.

The idea that the Bee Street situation will be solved by another lane is nonsense as well. That lane accommodates about 15 cars; doubling that will get you 30 cars.

Why aren’t we looking at other solutions? There are two four-foot sidewalks on the south-bound Ashley River Bridge that could be utilized, and one connects to the existing bike lane on Highway 61. And why not a barrier on the James Island Connector to separate cars from the bikers and pedestrians?

We definitely need to accommodate bikers and pedestrians but not at the cost of additional traffic problems.

Henry M. Hay III

Sayle Road