Brian Hicks is wrong in most cases, and on April 10 he blew it again with his statement that the recent police shooting proves a man can still get killed for having a burned out light. It did no such thing.

I am not trying to justify the shooting. It should never have happened.

This shooting only proves that arguing with or running from or disobeying an officer of the law in any way can get you killed.

I am 75 years old, and one of the first things my daddy taught me, once I got from under constant parental supervision, was this:

The only thing you say to a cop who approaches you is, “Yes sir, officer. How can I help you?”

Does anyone truly believe that if Walter Scott had simply sat quietly when approached by the officer, showed him his driver’s license and registration, accepted his ticket and inquired about the procedure going forward, any of this would have happened?

The place to argue, whether the ticket is justified or not, is in court, not on the street.

L.F. Fralix

Maple Branch Road