I had a most fantastic experience last week when I volunteered at the Lowcountry Food Bank. I witnessed a group of volunteers putting meals together in the Lowcountry Food Bank Zucker Family Kitchen. I was told that the meals were going to feed hundreds of kids for their after-school program. Another group in the kitchen was preparing about 100 meals for the senior citizen Meals on Wheels program.

The kitchen was immaculate, with state-of-the-art equipment.

The staff chef was in the kitchen coordinating the meals to adhere to USDA and other guidelines. As a senior myself, I was especially impressed with the planning that went into the senior meals, featuring protein, vegetable, very little or no salt and/or diabetes-friendly and healthy foods.

My kudos to the powers that be who coordinate the meals out of this kitchen (a service well needed in this community) and to the volunteers and LCFB staff who make it happen.

Marlene Williams

Christian Road