In response to the letter writer who said only one percent of whites in the Confederacy owned slaves, I would ask: What percent of blacks in the Confederacy were enslaved?

To the writer who said that no Confederate troops thought of themselves as fighting for slavery, I would ask: What percent of Northern blacks signed up to fight for anything but the end of slavery?

To the writer who loves the singing of “Dixie,” I ask: How many cotton slaves, dying young, ever sang about the land of cotton, old times not forgotten as a metaphor for Heaven’s unending joys?

And finally, to the writer who suggested gray as a suitable color for a flag, I ask: What percentage of black fiber would you suffer to make a gray cloth intended to honor a culture propped up by the legal trafficking of black families often separated, young children from young mothers, wives and husbands married till distance not death should part them?

The wrongdoings of the North were real, as were and are its hypocrites. But this should be mentioned with humility by the ancestors of soldiers who fought, however inadvertently, to perpetuate the legal trafficking, molestation and enslavement of humans.

Jim Malecky

Schooner Road