My wife and I were fortunate to attend two of the inaugural-week performances at the new Gaillard Center. We enjoyed them both.

We were a little early for the first performance and decided to have a glass of wine at the lobby bar. We were nailed by a $24 charge for two four-ounce servings, maybe less, of mediocre wine in flimsy plastic cups.

I checked the next day to see just exactly how badly we had been treated. It turns out that a full bottle of the exact same wine retails for $12.50 at the local big-box wine store. For what the Gaillard charged us I could buy the whole bottle and have enough left over to buy a couple of decent wine glasses.

Attending events at the Gaillard is expensive and a pretty big occasion for many folks. They expect a certain level of decorum. Getting mugged at the lobby bar does not meet that expectation and is a powerful disincentive for repeat attendance.

Y’all need to find a better way to pay off that last $10 million of remodeling costs.

Terry W. Ryan

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